Election Day Tomorrow!

After 7 weeks and over 300 hours of canvassing the big day is finally here!

Thank you to everyone who’s taken the time to chat with me on the doorstep and apologies to those I haven’t made it to before election day – I’ve covered over 70% of the town but it’s taken me much longer to get around than I anticipated.

I’ve tried to cover a broad range of the town to make sure I got a good, wide range of views

I’ll be hovering around the polling stations pretty much all day tomorrow (polling day – 23rd September 2021) so if you do want to talk before or after you cast your vote feel free to stop me for a chat

Polling stations are open 8am to 8pm – full information about polling day is here – and if you have any problems please give me a call

Canvassing in numbers
Canvassing Map

Any thoughts?

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