Our NHS must stay free of charge at the point of delivery and has to be capable of meeting the needs of all residents. 

  • Appoint an independent health regulator to ensure compliance with best practice
  • Publish a list of consultants, their qualifications and waiting times
  • Define and eliminate fuel poverty
  • Talk to employees to find out how we can improve recruitment and retention of key staff

We all know that there are challenges facing our health service. Not enough funding, coupled with a growing and ageing population is putting increased strain on the NHS.

On top of this, the Island is having difficulty recruiting and retaining staff, and there are significant budget overruns as a result (nearly £10 million in 2016).

Why is this? In 2014 the West Midlands Quality Review (WMQR) found that there was “A culture of blame between managers politicians and clinical staff

  • The Department should engage with staff to find out and address their concerns, and help bring about the change in culture that is needed

The WMQR also found a number of failings at Noble’s Hospital:

  • Only 36% of standards met in the Emergency Department
  • Only 57% of standards met in Theatres and Anaesthetics
  • Only 49% of standards met in Critical Care


  • Our NHS should be responsible to an Independent Regulator – either our own, or joined up with the UK Care Quality Commission. This will ensure our NHS continues to meet essential standards.

NHS staff work tirelessly to provide a high quality service and they are being let down by a Department that seems unwilling or unable to change.

Finally – the NHS should remain free at the point of use. Under no circumstances should people have to pay to see their GP or other health professional.