Government Reform

We live in a global market and we need a sustainable and competitive taxation strategy to attract individuals and companies to the Island whilst providing the funding we need for our essential services.

Government isn’t working. The system we have puts too much power in the hands of Ministers, without effective scrutiny or oversight.

We’ve just seen an independent report produced by Lord Lisvane which recommends some significant changes to the way our Government works.

  • MHK’s should be responsible for Government and for policy – MLC’s should be excluded from Government roles. They should not be Ministers or Members of Departments.
  • Scrutiny committees should be strengthened so that decisions made by Government can have proper and effective oversight.
  • As part of improving scrutiny we should immediately appoint an Auditor General and an Independent Ombudsman – it’s time that Government started being held to account.

The Vision 9 fiasco, and the number of issues with the procurement process makes it clear that Government is dysfunctional – and that Departments still aren’t talking to each other.

  • This silo mentality must end and Departments need to work closer together, for an Island of only 85,000 people it shocks me how much red tape and bureaucracy our government has managed to set up.

I am a strong supporter of local authorities and firmly support more local services being provided locally. The Commissioners are better placed to address the needs of people living in the Town than a Government department who only rarely venture over the mountain.


You can find a detailed review of the Lisvane report at