The Last Four Years

It has been both a privilege and a pleasure to serve as a Commissioner for Ramsey for the last four years. Being a local authority member has given me a great opportunity to get deeply involved in all aspects of government, and has given me first-hand experience with how Government works


Government started the process of transferring services to local authorities, without any extra funding, and at the same time increased Government charges and fees. In the face of this and due in a large part to the hard work of Commissioners staff the Ramsey rate has remained unchanged. This sort of fiscal prudence is needed by our national Government.


The Commission has been pushing Government for these increased responsibilities, to be allowed to play a greater role in the management of our Town and I will continue to push for this if elected to the House of Keys. A close working relationship with the Commissioners is essential to ensuring government services are delivered effectively.


One of the most pressing local issues is the future of our Courthouse building. Despite the hard work of a dedicated group of people we didn’t manage to keep the Post Office in the building, so we need to make sure that it’s future is secured as a community space for the benefit of our whole town.


The last four years have been challenging, frustrating and rewarding all in equal measure and I am eager to take on the challenge of the next 5 years as one of the Town’s MHKs.