Investing in the next generation has to be the best investment that we can make. Everyone should have the opportunity to meet their full potential.

 Government needs to start looking at education as an investment and not as a cost.  By investing in education we can ensure that we are providing everyone with a fair start in life, to help everyone reach their potential.

Class sizes are getting too large, and the availability of resources for children with additional needs has been reduced. It is only through more investment that we can help provide the next generation with a world class education.

Some things that I believe should be looked at by the next administration:

  • Government should reintroduce tax relief on education covenants
  • Financial assistance (i.e. grants and loans) should be available for more than just university – there needs to be more assistance for apprenticeships and more encouragement for the private sector to provide graduate schemes and apprenticeships.
  • Introduce incentives for graduates to return to the Island to work so that we can retain their skills on Island.
  • It’s important that children leave school with real life skills. Not everything in life is about learning facts and figures and it is essential that young adults are fully prepared for the world outside school – learning how to manage their finances, excel at job interviews, give presentations and interact with the business world.
  • Expand Government support for pre-school education to ensure that all children can attend a teacher led pre-school – and bring the regulation and oversight of pre-schools under the Department of Education.