What else have I been up to in Tynwald and the House of Keys

As well as pursuing the aims I set out in my manifesto (see here) a lot has happened and I’ve managed to help deliver a range of other changes and improvements over the last 5 years.

It simply isn’t possible to produce a comprehensive list of everything I’ve been involved with over the last 5 years, and it would probably take me until well after the 2021 election to be able to explain everything in any level of detail!

To give you a flavour of what I’ve been up to here are some some helpful statistics about my activities in Tynwald. This list doesn’t cover anything I’ve been doing in Government, or on behalf of constituents, these are just some examples of my work on the floor of Tynwald and the House of Keys:

  • I’ve brought 2 Bills through the House of Keys –
    • 1 Government Bill designed to protect the Island from liability in its international dealings; &
    • 1 Private Members Bill to reform leasehold law to give leaseholders the right to manage their own properties. Have a look here for the consultation
  • I’ve tabled 18 Tynwald motions, including:
    1. That the Isle of Man should establish a Living Wage,
    2. To limit the 2016/17 and future Manx Utilities Authority price increases to 2% until the financial review of the MUA was completed,
    3. To review the concessionary bus pass schemes to ensure that people with disabilities are not disadvantaged simply because they reach retirement age,
    4. To review the Island’s approach to the harm caused by illegal drugs, with a review to include engagement with the Manx Public and consideration of regulation instead of criminalisation
  • I’ve tabled 1 General Debate focusing on Affordable Housing that led to a subsequent motion to establish an “All Island Housing Strategy” being approved
  • 726 Questions tabled on a wide array of topics – many at the request of constituents
  • Formally caused 1 Standing Committee Investigation– an investigation into the the consolidation of endoscopy services at Nobles Hospital (following significant concern from the people of Ramsey)
  • Produced 5 reports as a Member of the Constitutional and Legal Affairs and Justice Committee
  • Produced 12 reports as Vice-Chair of the Public Accounts Committee, as well as working on the continuing inquiry into the Government handling of the Coronavirus outbreak
  • Was a Member of 1 Select Committee – on the Education Bill 2020
  • Produced 4 reports as a Member of the Standing Orders Committee of the House of Keys
  • Produced 6 reports as a Member of the Standing Orders Committee of Tynwald
  • In the last 5 years – 81 Bills have gone through the House of Keys and i’ve tabled hundreds of amendments, most of which were successful – it’s a rare Bill that I didn’t end up amending in some way!

For example, I worked on and was responsible for 147 amendments just to the Landlord Registration Bill – around half of which Government adopted as their own amendments

  • Fought hard for Compassionate exemptions to the Coronavirus border regulations and successfully moved 1 amendment to the Coronavirus Emergency Powers Regulations to stop government preventing Manx Residents returning to the Island if they’d stayed with a family member in the UK