Tynwald Item 21 today – Ramsey Marine Nature Reserve

I took the decision not to move my motion in Tynwald today and it’s best I explain why – for starters this is nothing to be concerned about! It is just a usual part of the usual political process!

There’s been a lot going on in the last few weeks over my motion and things have heated up in the last week with lots of advertising in the press and lobbying of Tynwald Members going on by various parties.

Ultimately the aims of the motion were straightforward:

  1. To put an end to the ongoing DOI process around negotiating a lease or a heads of terms with Ramsey Marina Limited
  2. To convince the DOI to undertake a review of the harbours strategy with a view to focusing less on Douglas and more on the Island as a whole
  3. To restate the current Tynwald support for our Biosphere and Strategic planning policies around protection of our natural environment and sustainable development.

There isn’t anything that we can do about the planning or zoning processes as they are statutory processes that have to follow a prescribed process. (which as I have set out previously I believe will reject the development proposal on a large number of grounds)

There are risks with a Tynwald motion as you never quite know which way a debate might go and if it gets derailed then it can sometimes do more harm than good. 

Ultimately, if you can achieve what you want without having to go to Tynwald that is usually the best outcome.

So alongside the motion itself I’ve been working with the Ministers for DOI and DEFA on these three aims to see if they can be achieved without the need for a full Tynwald debate.

I have had some success here!

The Minister for the DOI (Mr Crookall) has confirmed to me he will be reviewing the process around the lease negotiations and I am hopeful for some positive news on this front in the very near future.

The Minister has also confirmed that he is going to look at the harbours strategy and a review of this could be included in the Island Plan.

As I have had these commitments from the DOI Minister I agreed to postpone my motion to give him time to do the things he’s promised to do.

As with anything in politics though the outcome of this isn’t set in stone – and I have made it clear to the Minister for DOI that if the outcome of his review into the lease process is not favourable I will be bringing the motion back to Tynwald – because ultimately this is the view of the people of Ramsey and it’s my job to represent you.

So in summary :

I am still 100% committed to this cause and I believe that by taking this approach I will achieve the right outcome for Ramsey – the prevention of a harmful marina development in our marine nature reserve on the south beach

But if this doesn’t pan out as I hope – I’ll be right back to Tynwald!