Ramsey Flood Defences

Over the weekend the Department of Infrastructure Flood Management Division published a range of documents in connection with coastal flood defences in Ramsey

(See https://iomfloodhub.im/your-area-menu/ramsey-and-sulby/ for the full publication)

Despite the pretty comprehensive options contained in the proposals the key piece of information is the recommendation – which doesn’t recommend any of the significant pieces of work are undertaken, instead only recommending that gates and board be installed in the current gaps in the sea wall (see below)

Recommendation from Department of Infrastructure “Advisory Flood Group Paper” dated June 2021

The one thing all the detailed proposals have in common is:

None of them mention a marina

If the DOI were serious about the proposed marina they would have to take it into account with their flood defences.

As any marina on the south beach would involve a significant piece of engineering work that would undoubtedly impact on the flooding profile of the area the fact that none of the professional recommended options on the table mention a marina is an acknowledgement that this is not on the cards.

However – these documents being published just before an election, with no consultation or engagement with local MHK’s or Commissioners is completely unacceptable

I have this morning written to the Minister for Infrastructure, his CEO and the Chief Secretary setting out my serious concerns about the way this has been published and calling on the Government to:

  • Make a full statement in relation to these flood defence proposals and the proposed marina – to ensure we have the complete picture about their plans for the south beach
  • Not to undertake any further work until there has been full and proper engagement with local MHKs and Ramsey Commissioners

A copy of my full letter is available below

Any thoughts?

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