Equality Bill 2016

As this landmark Bill is shortly going to be at the Clauses Stage in the House of Keys (starting on the 24th January 2017) I thought it would be useful to extend the opportunity for anyone who has any comments, concerns or thoughts to get in touch.

The Clauses stage will be the last opportunity to make any amendments to the Bill, unless it ends up bouncing between Legislative Council and the House of Keys (which I don’t think is very likely)

Unfortunately the House of Keys decided against a Committee stage and so there wont be any formal consultation from MHKs, so I’ve decided to set up my own, in concert with the cropped-libvan-logo.pngLibVan Party .

If you are interested in the Bill all the various stages can be found here

I’ve uploaded the latest draft of the Bill and its accompanying Notes below:








So if you want to share your views on the Equality Bill please e-mail us at:


All e-mails received will be strictly confidential.



Any thoughts?

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