2021 House of Keys General Election
General Election 2021, Isle of Man, LibVan, Politics

Election update! Canvassing plans

So I’ve been feeling pretty awful this weekend (not Covid, just my usual!) and so haven’t managed to get out canvassing – which is pretty frustrating!

Never one to let a good opportunity go to waste I’ve used my down time to sort out a letter to all the residential homes, care homes and sheltered complexes in Ramsey

Due to the current Covid situation and the increased risk presented by meeting a good portion of the people in Ramsey over the next few weeks I’ve made a decision not to go canvassing in the residential homes, care homes and sheltered complexes.

I’ve agonised over this, because I really want to engage with everyone – and although I’ll be canvassing in as Covid safe a manner as possible (mask / distancing / regular LFT) it seems like the right thing to do.

Instead I’ve written individually to every resident in these locations who’s on the electoral roll and offered to organise specific meetings or talk to them over the phone at a time that suits them

So this weekend was spent writing, signing and enveloping a good number of letters – now I just need to sort out delivery…


Any thoughts?

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