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March Political Surgery

I’ve had a few queries asking if the monthly political surgery that Alex an I usually host would be going ahead in some form this month.

Unfortunately whilst we are in lockdown it wont be practical for us to hold a physical meeting in the Town Hall

Online meetings can be useful for group discussions and Liberal Vannin have ben holding public meetings in this way using “Google Meet” throughout the lockdown periods, but scheduling a specific time to wait in an online “drop in” seems odd when people can just call, text, e-mail, facebook, zoom, skype, twitter, whatsapp, insta just whenever they need – especially as this would have to be a public “group” meeting.

If anyone wants an appointment with both of us at the same time then get in touch and we can arrange something

I thought I’d put this out there as an option though – would a scheduled online drop in be useful for anyone? Let me know!

In short then – there won’t be a scheduled political surgery this weekend but please don’t hold off if you have any questions or issues

Please get in touch using any of the contact methods available or using the contact form below

Any thoughts?

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