LibVan calls for Carbon Neutrality by 2035

LibVan calls for Carbon Neutrality by 2035

At this week’s Tynwald LibVan and Ramsey MHK Lawrie Hooper will be asking Tynwald to support the ambitious and achievable aim of the Isle of Man becoming a carbon neutral Island by 2035. We believe this can be achieved through a combination of reducing emissions where we can and capturing or offsetting those emissions that we cannot reduce.

Lawrie Hooper MHK commented “If the Isle of Man is to truly rise to the challenge of doing our part in combating this global issue, protecting our unique UNESCO Biosphere Island and continuing to support sustainable development and growth we cannot carry on the same slow track, we must be more ambitious and recognise that sustained and innovative action will be required.”

The date of 2035 has been chosen as it ties in with the expected life of the Island’s main Power station, which will result in a step change in our emissions, as well as coinciding with the Government’s proposed 2020-2030 Climate Change Mitigation Strategy that is currently under consultation.

LibVan welcomes the announcement by the Chief Minister that the Isle of Man Government acknowledges the climate emergency that our world is facing and supports the principles of the motion tabled by Daphne Caine MHK asking Tynwald to support this declaration but believes we must take a more robust stance.

LibVan supports the work underway to develop a more ambitious Climate Change Action plan but feels that the original target of an 80% reduction in emissions by 2050 is no longer appropriate following the Chief Minister’s declaration of a Climate Emergency.

This target was originally adopted by Tynwald in 2016, but now that the Chief Minister has declared a Climate Emergency it is our responsibility to take decisive action.

Full wording of proposed motion is below

That Tynwald is of the opinion that the world is in the midst of a climate emergency that will have a significant impact on the Isle of Man and which will require sustained and committed action to address; welcomes the continuing work by the Council of Ministers to develop an ambitious climate change mitigation strategy and the commitment to introduce a Climate Change Bill; and is further of the opinion that:

(a) the Isle of Man should aim to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2035; and

(b) the Council of Ministers should publish, as part of their new climate change strategy and action plan, a climate impact assessment on the proposals it sets out. 

Any thoughts?

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