A Personal update

Hi folks

I’m just writing to let constituents know that I wont be in sittings of Tynwald or the House of Keys for a little while and i’ll have to miss out events that I have to go to in person.

I’m shortly going to have some significant surgery so i’ll be in recovery for a number of weeks afterwards which will restrict my ability to get out and about.

But don’t fret! I’ll still be contactable by e-mail and telephone – i’m still going to be working on constituency issues, i’ll still be scrutinising legislation and tabling written questions to get information out of government. I’m still working on policy within my departments and i’m still working on the newly formed Committee on Constitutional and Legal Affairs and Justice.

The Clerk of Tynwald’s office have been very supportive, as have the President of Tynwald and the Speaker of the House of Keys along with the Ministers I work with so I intend to still attend department and committee meetings remotely where possible (I thought about getting a telepresence robot (see image) but figured it might be a step too far…..)

So basically what i’m trying to say is – you might see and hear less of me in Tynwald and Keys over the next couple of months but i’ve not gone anywhere. Please keep getting in touch if there’s anything I can help with – or with issues that are important to you.

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