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On the horse trams Chief Minister Allan Bell MHK states: ‘There is no question of government stepping in to take them on.’

But Tynwald voted unanimously to:

“explore all options to allow the horse trams to be ‘transferred to another entity’ and to report back as ‘as a matter of urgency’”

This includes options involving Government stepping in in some form – this was even confirmed by Phil Gawne MHK, Minister for the Department of Infrastructure, who doesn’t rule anything out in his search for a solution:

Mr Gawne said: ‘We are talking about scrapping something unique in the world and we need to at least consider all the options before ruling anything out. It will be difficult to come up with any solution bearing in mind how stretched government’s finances are but it is not unreasonable for us to talk to the relevant departments and agencies.’

Is the Chief at odds with his Ministers?

This isn’t the only time Government has been in disarray, lets have a look back at some highlights of this administration…

Department resisted Google’s driverless cars – Or did it?

Allan Bell claims in Tynwald he was “Taken out of context” –

“My original comments have been taken somewhat out of context. In fact, no decision has been taken not to allow the testing of driverless cars. We believe this is an area of great opportunity for the Isle of Man”

Judge for yourselves, Allan in his own words: (

“Without pointing fingers too much it was suggested to one of our Government departments, “What should we do about this, is it feasible, could it work” and the initial reaction we had was “We don’t do things like that over here, we don’t need that on the Isle of Man, were perfectly fine as it is”

Chief Minister claims MLC has public mandate to still be Minister!

Back in July 2015 Chief Minister Allan Bell said of the newly elevated Tim Crookall MLC: ‘He’s still got a public mandate, at least until the by-election in September”

Well that election rolled around and Peel now has a new MHK with a public mandate. Nothing changed. Yet, now in January 2016 Mr Bell is claiming “Arguably, Mr Crookall still has a public mandate”.

Is this our CM disagreeing with himself?

Minister for Policy and Reform resigns over ‘inadequate’ government reform!

Chris Robertshaw MHK resigns after only 10 months in the job because his role had become “impossible” and citing a “lack of confidence in Government”!

Can’t they get anything done?

Economic Development Minister resigns over “Sefton deal”!

John Shimmin MHK resigned as Minister of the Department of Economic Development after it turned out he’d acted “ultra vires” in organising a multimillion-pound deal to bail out a local hotel group.


Vote of no confidence in Health Minister!

Serious concerns were raised about the health service under the leadership of David Anderson MHK and CoMin took no action. It took a backbench MHK tabling a vote of no confidence to get their attention.

Whilst Mr Anderson survived this vote, he was replaced only 5 months later!

Treasury Member sacked for not supporting higher tuition fees

Bill Henderson MHK was unceremoniously dumped from his role in the Treasury Department for “going back on his promise” to support higher tuition fees.

Aren’t they all “independent” MHK’s?

Education Minister Sacked for voting against “Pinewood deal”

When Peter Karran MHK refused to go against his pre-stated position on our government investing millions of pounds from public funds into the film industry Allan Bell removed him from CoMin after only 9 months as a Minister.

You can’t ask an elected representative to go against their manifesto – or their principles!

So when it comes to being in disarray, I’d say those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones…


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