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A Strong, Well Regulated Business Community is the Answer

LibVan Press Release

28 November 2014

A Strong, Well Regulated Business Community is the Answer

On Tuesday, Mr Teare was asked a series of questions from duly elected Members and his responses to each were petulant one word replies. When asked to explain his arrogance he did so by labelling LibVan as “anti-business”. He could not be more wrong.

Minister Teare seems to believe that it is the Treasury Department that is responsible for growing the economy. LibVan would beg to differ and would argue that our successful economy has grown, and continues to grow, through the hard work and ingenuity of businesses in the private sector.

LibVan believes that a strong, well regulated business community is the only way the Island will recover from the pain caused by the current administration.

We however take the responsibility of protecting the public purse very seriously, and our record demonstrates this clearly. LibVan’s Treasury Spokesperson, Lawrie Hooper said, “Lib Van will not shy away from questioning government policies where it can’t be shown that they are based on sound financial or ethical principles. Without this level of scrutiny taxpayers money is placed at unwarranted risk. Where public money is being used, the process should be open, transparent and clearly documented to enable both Tynwald and the public to question and understand the decisions made. We will not play fast and loose.”

We know the government has no qualms about acting outside its legal powers, but we view these actions with serious concern. Anyone who looks at our voting record will clearly see there are good reasons why we take the stance we do. All of these reasons are out in the public domain because we don’t make decisions behind closed doors.

Our opposition to Government policies normally starts because we are opposed to the public being misled. We are opposed to the public being removed from the debate and believe that we all have a right to know how our money is spent and our Island is run. The ongoing travesty of the post office is the most recent example of CoMin not trusting the public enough to tell them the whole truth from the outset and removing those they are supposed to represent from the decision making process.

Over the coming months you will hear our policies that are predicated upon sustainable and ethical business that actually and legitimately are intended to improve the Isle of Man, economically and socially. It is unfortunate that the Treasury Minister, amongst others, believe that an open and honest democratic process is bad for business.

LibVan will not be party to any policy that is undemocratic, that unduly favours one group at the expense of another, nor any policy that targets and injures the most vulnerable. It is time for a liberal, fair and open market. It is time the public were given real input on how and where their money is spent. It is time for an accountable government. It is time for good government. It is time for change.


Lawrie Hooper, Ramsey Commissioner and

LibVan spokesperson for the North of the Island

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2 thoughts on “A Strong, Well Regulated Business Community is the Answer”

  1. You might like to read Eddie Teare’s letter (13.07.13) about Oral and written questions: “I must make it clear that I have no issue dealing with questions and regard them as a vital part of the Parliamentary process” ( Appendix 2

    1. Hi WIlf

      Unfortunately his actions in recent days don’t bear this out. If Mr Teare genuinely had no issue dealing with questions and believed they were vital then I doubt the following would have happened:

      From Hansard on the 28th November –

      Mr Houghton: Thank you, Mr Speaker.
      It is noted this morning that the Minister is rather abrupt with his short answers. In the case of the answer to my supplementary question, can he elaborate on why it appears his officers in his Department were not capable of putting similar proposals together as those which are reflected in the

      May I ask if he could elaborate a little bit more on the subject, rather than a single answer?

      The Speaker:Reply, sir.

      The Minister: The answer is simple, sir. My officers are too busy answering Questions

      Click to access k141125%20RHFX.pdf

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